Claire van der Vorm

Charter Broker


It's great to be part of the Cecil Wright team. I've been in yachting for many years now, and love the industry. Every week we see incredible new yachts coming on to the market. I always wonder what the next crazy toy or innovation will be. As a broker I am lucky enough to occasionally spend time on these fantastic boats. How many jobs can you say that about? Apart from being great fun this is a helpful insight into the incredible experiences that a yacht charter offers. And how a top crew really make all the difference. Arranging a flawless charter is all about good planning - something I really enjoy. I've cruised all over the Caribbean, West Mediterranean and Greece. For most people this wouldn't help with their job but with mine it certainly does. Sailing the Seychelles on 51m sloop RED DRAGON was just amazing - that would be pretty hard to beat.

Office: +44 20 7408 1001   /   Mobile: +44 7973 796 467 

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