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Available for sale with Cecil Wright

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The story

A tight team with incredible depth of knowledge singularly focused on making your dream real. We are Cecil Wright. This is yachting without limits.

The one

Whether you’re looking to build, buy or sell, everything has to be just so — the timing, the team, the tiniest of details. No one understands this like Cecil Wright.

The bespoke experience perfected

The yacht, the crew, the right place at the right time... Everything we have, our knowledge, energy and passion, goes into delivering unique charter experiences for you and yours.

Common ground

My career in the rarefied world of yachting has helped me develop a genuine appreciation of what it takes to be the best.

"Chris arranged the purchase of my first yachts and we’ve gone on to build two Feadships together. I rely on his expert knowledge and industry contacts"

Sir Jim Ratcliffe | Ineos