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In the process of delivering the dream we offer objective advice and above all, an honest appraisal of the options. Our in depth market analysis helps you make what is essentially an emotional decision in an informed way.


In the last 6 months we've seen some very positive moves in the large yacht sales market.  Of 300 yachts sold 16 were over 60 metres; the most significant sales include: 

• 107.42m Kleven ULYSSES  (2015) asking $195,000,000
• 78.50m Lürssen TV (2008) asking €92,000,000
• 73.50m Nobiskrug FLYING FOX (2012) asking €67,500,000
• 73.30m Picchiotti GRACE E (2014) asking €78,500,000

Yachts coming on to the market include several speculatively-built yachts from Amels and Heesen, both of which are renowned for their semi-custom series.  Heesen has already seen 6 sold so far in 2018.

But the number of yachts coming onto the market hasn't made up for the number of yachts sold which will reinforce the market's buoyancy.


Five Feadships have been sold in the last 6 months, the most notable of which being MADSUMMER,  HUNTRESS II and ILLUSION (all 55 metres). We've also seen the withdrawal of several notable Feadships from the market; but fortunately some excellent opportunities have filled their space: 

• 67.00m ANNA (2007) asking €65,000,000 
• 60.55m SANOO (1979) asking €19,950,000 
• 60.10m PARAFFIN (2001) asking €29,500,000 
• 57.60m LARISA (2013) asking €44,900,000 
• 48.50m AUDACIA (1987) asking $5,995,000 
• 44.60m BELLA (2008) asking $24,900,000 
• 40.00m SEAGULL OF CAYMAN (1980) asking €5,900,000 
• 31.10m ARCADIA (1969) asking $3,995,000 
• 30.00m LA MASCARADE (1997) asking €4,750,000 
• 26.62m COMANCHE (1985) asking $2,495,000 

Off market opportunities also exist across the board - please contact us for details.

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