COMMON GROUND: Inspiration from Edward Fraser


When considering the perfect gift for the owner of MADAME GU, Chris Cecil Wright turned to one of Britain’s last traditional silversmiths: Edward Fraser Ltd. The commission was born out of a friendship forged 35 years ago.

Chris first met Warwick Gück, owner of Edward Fraser Ltd, at prep school; later they served together in the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards before Warwick went on to build an elite silversmith and jewellery business. When the idea of a silver model of MADAME GU was mooted, Chris knew he could trust in the talents of Warwick’s team. It took almost 3000 hours to create the 28-inch replica Feadship.

‘I’ve collected many of Warwick’s silver pieces over the years – cutlery, coasters and candlesticks – but this is an astonishing piece of yacht jewellery,’ says Chris of the model. Previously, the men had designed an intricate handmade goblet together for a mutual friend for whom Chris was best man. The results were magnificent: ‘I realized that Warwick and I definitely share a passion for detail.’

One of several generations of his family to manufacture silverware, Warwick’s core client has been the British Army. In addition to commemorating honorable soldiers and historic events, his precious silver ornaments have been gifted to both the Prince of Wales and the King of Jordan. 

‘The MADAME GU model is one of the best objects we’ve made,’ Warwick admits, ‘It was entirely hand raised – from the flag and spiral staircase to the gold-plated teak decking – and to deliver it was wonderful.’ 

The gift was clearly a success: it resides as the dining table centerpiece aboard the original MADAME GU.

“ Silversmith skills are disappearing. Our craftsmen keep 150 year old techniques alive.”

Warwick Gück,
Edward Fraser Ltd founder 

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