Having developed a passion for road cycling during the 20 years he was based in Monaco, Chris Cecil-Wright recently discovered the superlative design and quality of Rapha cycling apparel. He’s not looking back. 

In the rarefied world of yachting there is no compromise on quality, and Chris’s clients rely on his eye for detail; he is just as discerning away from work, ‘Slightly retro, yet grown up; stylish but does what it needs to do,’ raves Chris about Rapha roadwear, the UK-based luxury company: ‘It’s just a nice inspiration.’

‘The Monaco landscape has some fantastic climbs, like the 1,000m Col de la Madone’ says Chris, ‘I climbed it in the spring with Chris Froome of Team Sky Pro Cycling – in fact, his last ride before he won the Tour de France.’ Rapha became the official sponsor of Team Sky earlier this year and saw Froome finish first in their kit.

Founded ten years ago by Simon Mottram, Rapha was born out of a frustration to find fashionable cycle gear to complement a high performance bike - previously, the two had seemed mutually exclusive. Rapha’s collection uses only the finest materials for optimum results: think yak leather for shoes, silk scarves and naturally breathable merino wool jerseys. 

Rapha’s specialist gear is crafted for a sport that offers the perfect balance of pleasure and pain, challenge and reward. It’s a niche company continually striving for excellence - and in so doing, Rapha shares common ground with Cecil Wright.

“ This is the toughest sport in the world. Cyclists shouldn't have to choose between performance and style”

Simon Mottram
Rapha founder and CEO

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