Behind the smooth running of any superyacht is an army of engineers, and Feadship works with De Keizer Marine Engineering to fulfill the responsibility. Together they ensure that the yacht’s complex electrotechnical systems not only function perfectly, but are cutting edge – negating any potential disturbances and exceeding client expectations.

De Keizer Marine Engineering is a family business that began in 1965 with just 25 employees. Today, the company of 450 staff develops, creates and integrates the power systems, controls and audiovisual experiences and cabling on about 30 projects per year, with a sole focus on superyachts. Feadship yachts account for the majority of De Keizer’s output and their specialist engineers have worked on site at Feadship’s Royal Van Lent facility for over 50 years.


De Keizer has never had a typical subcontractor relationship with Feadship. “We work as a co-maker with Feadship in project managing and engineering,” explains Peter van der Veer, Technology Supervisor at De Keizer, “and we work so well together that it feels like one company building a yacht.” De Keizer has permanent staff at Royal Van Lent, De Vries Makkum and Aalsmeer shipyards, and though De Keizer engineers are distinguishable by their vibrant red uniforms, they work in unison with the Feadship team: “We are interconnected with the carpenters, painters, steelwork and construction and pipe fitters – we all rely on and trust each other to make the highest quality product.”


On any new build, the team will implement complicated systems that are expertly hidden within the design of the boat. This is the mark of a Feadship: the owner will feel no vibrations and hear no sounds, unless they are intentionally coming from the premium audio- visual equipment. “One of the most challenging aspects is the complete IT and entertainment system. We set out to listen to and inspire the owner, and deliver exactly what is imagined,” says Peter. This is an area for jaw-dropping innovation, and De Keizer is working on it: We’ve engineered it so that a person’s preferences in lighting and music can follow them throughout the boat – a seamless mood system – and this is something we can deliver now.”


De Keizer is dedicated to innovation and remaining one step ahead in each of its departments. The company has created an intelligent platform that allows synergy between departments and systems, similarly to an ‘Internet of Things.’ This platform also stores surplus energy produced by generators overnight that can then be used during the day when demand is higher (without the need to start additional generators.) “Our platform was implemented on SHERPA – the last delivery for Cecil Wright – and on a refit for HAMPSHIRE II” Peter says, “It’s a greener and cost-efficient solution.”

As the creators of increasingly dazzling electrotechnology, power supply, yacht control, and experiences, De Keizer also concerns itself with the future image of yachting. “Though yachts will never be ‘green’, we are asking ourselves everyday how we can improve energy efficiency and sustainability,” explains Peter, “One could always put a windmill in the mast, but we are looking at more efficient and optically improved solutions like transparent solar panels in the windows or adopting energy through the outer paint on a vessel.” These ideas will take some time to develop, but no doubt the galvanized team of Feadship and De Keizer will make them reality in the near future.

"One of my favourite projects of ours was TANGO. It was ahead of its time and is still one of the world’s most beautiful yachts.”

Peter van der Veer, Technology Supervisor at De Keizer Marine Engineering

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