Ed Carrell

Commercial Director

Ed Carrell holds a senior business advisory role at Cecil Wright. He brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries and business disciplines to his position, from management consultancy, commercial and retail banking, private equity, venture capital, to biotechnology and medical diagnostics as well as being a founder and director of Wyatt Sant Ltd, a financial services technology advisory company.

Ed’s focus is to support the partnership team and help drive commercial performance to allow the brokerage to realise its limitless ambitions.

Both Ed and Chris Cecil Wright met when they both served in the British Army. They stayed in contact over the years bound by a shared love of outdoor adventures whether it being sailing on the Solent or cycling the Stelvio Pass in Italy. His next ambition is to climb the Matterhorn we have a feeling he will achieve it!

Ed Portrait

Office: +44 20 7408 1001

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