Lucinda Rosen

Charter Broker


I discovered the world of yacht chartering as a graduate having spent some time as a stewardess on in the Caribbean. When I came home it seemed a no brainer to utilise my insight and knowledge and become a charter broker.

I find my job incredibly rewarding and there is never a typical day. Charters can be anywhere in world so it’s vital to have an excellent understanding of countries, all suitable yachts available in each location, cruising distances, marinas, the best restaurants and hotels for on-shore dining, the latest water-sports and other unique experiences which make these truly memorable ‘trips of a lifetime.’

There are around 1500 yachts on the charter market so you cannot possibly know every one of them, but I do know the best which is what Cecil Wright clients expect and why they re-book with us time after time. I must understand what’s important to a client on a charter so I can plan it down to the finest details and exceed their expectations.

What’s my travel ambition? One day I would love to hike the Pacific Crest trail from Canada to Mexico..

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