Indonesian Archipelago


Raja Ampat or the “Four Kings” are the islands off the west of Papua – the main islands being Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool – home to ancient rock paintings.  The area is a diver’s paradise with spectacular underwater life.  According to The Nature Conservancy 75% of the world’s underwater species can be found in this vast area.  The archipelago has changed little since its waters were frequented by spice traders in the 18th Century – even most of the passing boats are in the traditional phisini style.   The visitors heading here are of the intrepid kind, those wishing to escape modern life just for a while. 

• Gam – take the tender ashore to Yenbeser, a small village in a shallow cove surrounded by jungled cliffs, where children play in the waves and love to greet visitors. The bird noises at sunrise and sunset are mind blowing – this is the only place in the world where the Red Bird of Paradise can be found.
• Mios Kon – a castaway island like something out of The Blue Lagoon.
• Play 18 holes at the Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club.
• Diving - Pinnacles, sandy slopes but also steep valleys in between islets.  See Pegmy Seahorses, Epaulette sharks and rare nudibranches as well as manta rays and dolphins cruising by.
• Hike through the UNESCO World Heritage site where lizards, wild horses, buffalos and monkeys can be seen.
• Komodo for its enormous dragons and pink sand beach.

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