When Winch Design is at the drawing board of your dream yacht, the possibilities are myriad. The DART Project is a visionary concept created to give clients a steer into the future of yachting – a vessel that is cleaner, leaner, and more in sync with its marine environment.

Inspired by the sleek profile of a leaping dolphin, DART makes a break from the traditional concept of a yacht. For Winch Design - one of the world’s leading design firms that has been behind some of the boldest yachts built over the last 30 years – it’s an exploration of a more contemporary and understated aesthetic. For Royal Huisman, the Dutch shipyard renowned for its sailing yachts and responsible for building the DART, it’s an opportunity to focus their skills on a modern motor yacht that exists in perfect harmony with the ocean. 

Both organizations have a shared vision of a vessel that is closer – and kinder - to nature. As Andreas Iseli, Head of Exteriors at Winch Design, explains: ‘The DART is a revolutionary design with singular and sinuous lines. The DART’s terraced aft deck steps down to the water’s edge and encloses a fresh water infinity pool; fold-out balconies allow uninterrupted views from the upper deck and enhance the extraordinary outdoor living space and full height windows create an open, light-filled environment,’ he says, adding: ‘DART is also designed to consume less energy - to be a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly yacht of the future.’ There are three DART variants on one innovative hull platform – a 65.00m and an 80.00m motor yacht and an 80.00m sailing yacht – and each adheres to these principles.

The DART range was conceived with the next era of yacht owner in mind, a group that values innovation and efficiency, comfort and simplicity. These individuals choose to enjoy their yacht as their home, spending more time onboard with their families. For this purpose, Winch Design has given the DART a relaxed, ‘beach club’ ambience. ‘Unique to the DART 65 in particular, lounges are situated on all three levels together with interior and exterior dining areas,’ explains Andreas. 

The DART also presents unsurpassed efficiency and performance. These benefits are achieved using Royal Huisman’s pioneering technological expertise and are implemented without compromising the DART’s outstanding lifestyle experience. ‘At Winch Design we want to design more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and energy efficient yachts, and DART is representative of that,’ Andreas says.

With the DART philosophy as the template – and by harnessing the combined expertise of Winch Design and Royal Huisman - clients will be encouraged to customize the concept and build their perfect home afloat. One of the team at Cecil Wright would accompany the client to the Winch Design studio where together they would ignite the imagination and finesse ideas and requirements. The result would be a fully bespoke DART that embodies a leap into the future of yachting.

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