TUSEDAY 12th JULY 2016

Chris Cecil-Wright confesses that he is “Fanatical about Feadship” and explains a little more about the brand and why, in his eyes, Feadship are the best at what they do.

“I have been in this business for over twenty years and throughout that time, have worked closely with Feadship. I believe their approach, attention to detail and ability to interpret the most complex design in the most beautiful way has elevated them to the top of the tree. The fact that Feadships hold their value and are always in demand at resale holds testament to this belief. Whilst we work successfully with many different yards who are brilliant at what they do, our relationship with Feadship is extremely strong, enabling us to either buy, build or sell any Feadship with a huge amount of knowledge, experience and most of all, passion.”

The Feadship market. In the last 7 weeks there have been 7 Feadship sales!

The largest, the 62m POSITIVE CARRY was sold by Cecil Wright & Partners.

The others were: MEDUSE – 60.70m, 1996 / 2011 DÉJÀ VU – 50.28m, 2000 / 2012 GRAVITAS – 51.10m, 1995 / 2014 PRINCESS TOO – 47.55m, 1999 / 2015 LIONWIND – 47.24m, 1983 / 2015 SEAFLOWER – 40.00m, 2002 / 2013

Fortunately for those looking to buy a Feadship there have been 3 additions to the market in that same time period, one of which is an extremely rare opportunity to buy an in-build yacht – Asking USD 215,000,000 is the 92m, Project TOUCHDOWN. Due for delivery in December this year, this presents a tremendous opportunity for someone to sidestep the 4 year design / build process. Just shy of 3,000 Gross Tons she has a very similar volume to the 2015 launched SYMPHONY, the largest Feadship built to date at 101.50m, and the second largest, the 99m MADAME GU which was a project delivered by Chris Cecil-Wright and his new build team in 2013.

The other two that have come to market are the 45m, F45 series yacht, BELLA VITA (ex- MADSUMMER) and the iconic 60.55m KINGDOM COME (ex- NARA). KINGDOM COME is available for sale through Cecil Wright & Partners. She was the largest Feadship in the world at the time of her launch in 1979. Commissioned by a scion of the Mercedes-Benz dynasty she was later sold to the Lebanese prime minister who owned the yacht for over 30 years. He was assassinated in 2005 and the yacht stayed within the family until mid-2014 when she went to her current owner. She is the only Feadship for sale in the 60m-70m bracket and having painstakingly refitted the mechanical side of the yacht and the interior over the winter of 2014/15 she is a fantastic Historic Feadship ready to find a new owner.

Looking further into the Feadship market and the other 29 that are on the open market there are a few that particularly stand out as being of key interest:

MADSUMMER – 55.50m, 2005 / 2015, asking USD 37,500,000 HUNTRESS – 55m, 1997, 2013, asking USD 29,950,000 TROYANDA – 49.99m, 2004 / 2015, asking EUR 25,000,000 PRINCESS TOO – 47.55m, 1999 / 2015, asking EUR 15,000,000 BG – 46.90m, 1990 / 2015, asking USD 11,990,000 LADY MAY – 46.40m, 2014, asking EUR 35,000,000 KISS – 46.22m, 2015, asking EUR 34,950,000

Cecil Wright has several offmarket yachts available, including in-build, so can find the perfect yacht for any client’s requirements. Other exciting news from Feadship this week is that they are constructing a new yard near Amsterdam. “We are delighted to have found such an excellent spot to open this new facility,” comments Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “The ever-increasing demands for pure custom Feadships and the desire among clients to own very large yachts of Feadship quality make this a logical next step in the future-proofing of our organisation. Feadship now has two facilities capable of building superyachts of well over 100 metres. The luxury yacht market is evolving and, as we have done for decades, Feadship continues to lead the way.” The Amsterdam yard’s length of 170 metres will be able to accommodate new builds of up to 160 metres, along with refits of existing Feadships.

 For clients wishing to try life on board a superyacht, maybe for the first time, Cecil Wright & Partners has a dedicated charter team based in Monaco and London, who can source a yacht for travel almost anywhere in the world. Their bespoke, discreet approach is much in demand from clients across the globe who value the years of experience and attention to detail.

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