Greek islands for fun? Groundbreaking

21 January 2022 - By Alexandra Carlton, Qantas Magazine, Inside Magazine

We know you know – this patch of the Mediterranean has long been a good-time go-to. But island-hopping around the Cyclades on a private yacht? That’s the stuff of bucket lists. And luxury charter company Cecil Wright & Partners ( knows exactly where to find isles less travelled. “There are several beautiful islands that have evaded mass tourism because they’re not on a day-cruising route,” says charter broker Lucinda Rosen. “They’re mostly only accessible by charter yachts. She and her team can design an itinerary that visits the secluded beaches of Milos, which is midway between Athens and Crete; the bays of Sifnos, dotted with whitewashed houses and churches; and the long sandy beaches of Poliegos, where the only locals you’re likely to meet are a herd of wild goats. Rosen also suggests a stop at Koufonisia. “It’s one of the secret jewels of the Cyclades – it consists of three islands, two of which are completely uninhabited,” she says. “The pace of life around here is very slow so it’s perfect for those seeking an off-grid destination.” Not a DJ deck or pool party in sight. 

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