Henry Smith

Partner & Sales Broker


Initially destined for the British Army having been awarded the top scholarship in my intake, post university my career took an unexpected turn due to a knee injury and I was medically discharged from military service. Having sailed competitively since my childhood it seemed a natural progression to follow this passion to work in the yacht industry. Armed with expertise in mechanics and engineering I was ideally equipped to understand and advise on more than just the cosmetic aspects of a boat for purchase or sale.

Based in the Monaco office, I travel extensively visiting clients and yachts all over the world, ensuring both the team and our clients are fully up to speed with opportunities both on and off the market. We tend to favour boats with a northern European pedigree as we can trust the fantastic quality they produce. Our clients are used to the best in life so that’s what we are looking for in a yacht, for them.

Henry S Portrait

Office: +377 97 98 76 60
Mobile: +33 6 40 62 01 51
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