Henry Smith

Partner & Sales Broker


Having sailed competitively since my childhood it seemed a natural progression to follow this passion to work in the yacht industry. And armed with expertise in mechanics and engineering I was ideally equipped to understand and advise on more than just the cosmetic aspects of a boat for purchase or sale.

A typical day involves checking emails from clients as soon as I wake up, to advising clients of new, refitted or existing boats for sale or charter, which means making flying trips to visit them or taking a short hop on board from my Monaco office base. We tend to favour boats with a northern European pedigree as we can trust the fantastic quality they produce. Our clients are used to the best in life so that’s what we are looking for in a yacht, for them.

To be a successful as a yacht broker it also helps to spend your down time with clients as that’s when you pick up on what really makes them tick.

Office: +377 97 98 76 60 / Mobile: +33 6 40 62 01 51

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