Sometimes a casual conversation can lead to meaningful discoveries, as Ed Carrell, Cecil Wright’s Commercial Director, experienced.

It was a flippant comment I made to Chris querying Cecil Wright’s underweight coverage of Asia Pacific that planted the seed; the remark instigated a detailed study looking into the relevance and practicality of launching the Cecil Wright proposition in this significant region. We don’t want to be all things to all people, so we tested a hypothesis focusing on our strengths: assisting discerning clients with access to the most refined European yachts to charter, sell, buy, or build. Quite simply, the research demonstrated that unforgettably personalised yachting delivered by experts with deep knowledge was as relevant in Hong Kong as it is in Helsinki or Houston.

Fast forward 12 months and Cecil Wright will be opening its first office in Asia Pacific in 2023.

My 20 years (plus!) of business experience in Asia has afforded me the insight that it is not optimal, nor even possible, to establish deep relationships built on trust solely with a ‘fly-in, fly-out’ approach.

With this as our cornerstone, we enter the Asia-Pacific market with focus and patience. Focused on our core strengths, with the patience to nurture genuine relationships.

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