Issue 14


They say life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, and the year 2020 has more than proven that. Who could have foreseen the global impotence that Covid-19 would bring to bear? At Cecil Wright & Partners we weathered the storm with stoic calm and remain focused on our core group of clients with a vested interest in the large custom yacht market.

And they don’t come much bigger than Vard’s REV. At 182.9m REV will be the largest yacht in the world when it delivers in 2021. Across all shipyards there are 19 yachts over 100m currently in build (15 of which are Northern European pedigree). That includes Lürssen’s 158m Project Blue – the largest Northern European yacht currently in build – due for delivery in 2023. When the last to deliver completes in 2025, the global fleet of 100m+ yachts will have increased by 33 per cent from the 58 that exist today.

But size is not everything, quality is; and 13 of the 59 yachts in build at Northern European pedigree yards at present are Feadships. Our close affinity with the Dutch shipyard has always been a reciprocal affair, now more so than ever.

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