Issue 4


A good barometer on the future of the yachting market is how busy designers are today, and I’m happy to say that there are plenty of projects on the drawing board. The market is on the move: the volume of sales transactions is now back at a normal level and order books for large yachts are getting full at the established shipyards. 

In this newsletter you will hear from Feadship’s CEO Henk de Vries about how the number of shipyards reduced dramatically during the recent crisis (featured on our Facts and Figures page). Only the most efficient shipyards – and those offering the highest quality – have survived. Feadship is working at close to capacity.

Designers are back in demand. Redman Whiteley Dixon is one of the country’s premier yacht design businesses; in this issue, Toby Ecuyer, the creative director, explains what it takes to express a client’s imagination on paper. Essentially, the client needs to be understood and the designer needs to inspire confidence. It’s about the relationship.

This is very much our attitude at Cecil Wright. For us, this is not a high volume, cookie-cutter business. We believe in fewer clients, serviced better. It’s a simple philosophy that allows important relationships to thrive. 

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