Issue 6


I’m delighted to announce the recent sale of the 70m motor yacht AMADEUS. The time from our appointment as Central Agents to completion of the sale was only four months. The market is certainly improving, but I believe the swift sale was achieved by our straightforward approach. We marketed AMADEUS’s strengths without any superfluous hype; we provided accurate and detailed facts about the yacht and compelling analysis of the market. This ultimately resulted in two buyers bidding against each other for this magnificent motor yacht.

Later in this issue we discuss the correlation between a yacht’s length, beam and volume. For too long the industry has used length alone to gauge a yacht’s value and demonstrate how it compares with other yachts. Today more than ever this is a wholly inaccurate method of measure. Pages 18 & 19 explain why.

Earlier this month, sales broker Henry Smith signed a Central Agency Marketing Agreement for the sale of the 55m motor yacht TURQUOISE. Henry’s depth of market knowledge, tenacity and integrity have been rewarded, and all at CWP congratulate him on this milestone. I’m very pleased to say that there’s already been substantial interest, so I do hope to bring more news of success soon.

This appointment buoys up the whole Cecil Wright team and further substantiates the trust that we have earned with our clients and within the industry. We endeavour to continue to do so, through our commitment to fewer clients serviced better.

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