Issue 2


With the global fleet of large yachts growing exponentially, it’s simply impossible for brokers to have knowledge of them all. At Cecil Wright we deliberately focus on one cross section of the market: the top. Even more specifically, we are ‘Fanatical about Feadship’ and our newly acquired ‘Super Sailors’ – large sailing boats that you will find detailed on our Charter pages. Using a specially designed database – the Cecil Wright Intelligence System – we have instant access to yacht details in real time: from location, to specifications and sister ships. No duplication, no error. 

Naturally we’re keen to maximize technology, but without our industry knowledge and relationships the results are merely two-dimensional. The information only begins to resonate once we decipher it for our clients. Cecil Wright has the time to do so because we’re a lean, bespoke company that believes in fewer clients, serviced better. Without grand notions of building an empire, we can get on with the careful business of fulfilling the client’s brief. 

I trust you’ll find inspiration in this latest Market Update. 

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