In December 2019, the CWP team welcomed Vanessa Buck as a CA Charter Manager, joining Liz Cox in caring for the six central agencies that Cecil Wright & Partners houses. When the pandemic struck, she faced one of the most challenging years she’s ever seen in yachting; but to Vanessa, the challenge meant motivation, mutual support and a richly rewarding professional experience.

Vanessa Buck and yachts seem to be inextricably linked. Having been raised in both French-speaking Africa and Italy, she speaks both languages — which she describes as “useful when dealing with brokers and Captains who prefer communicating in their own language”. Her husband is a Captain, and she laughingly describes their children being “bored to tears!” when she and her husband talk about all things boats, as well as noting the importance of seeing things from the crew’s side.

Her yachting career spans more than 16 years; prior to working at Cecil Wright & Partners, she worked in the same role at a large brokerage house. The job move was a change; but an overwhelmingly positive one. “The dynamics are so different; we all get involved in everything, we all help each other out,” she says of the Cecil Wright & Partners working environment. “You get given the power to go and express yourself; it’s just fabulous. It’s so motivating.”

The pandemic hasn’t been easy, and she’s frank about the challenges it’s posed. But she also movingly describes the support within the Cecil Wright & Partners team, where it seems a problem shared truly is a problem halved. “We’ve all supported each other. Whether it’s the sales department helping with charter, or charter getting involved with sales; it really feels like we’ve all got each other’s backs.”


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