Right then… World Championships inbound!

Cecil Wright & Partners are delighted to sponsor Vita's campaign to make the 2024 Olympic Games.

Right then… World Championships inbound!

And it's not just any ordinary Worlds, it's also our selection trials. The stakes are high; a standout performance could secure a spot representing our nation while falling short might mean missing out.

After a rigorous five months of winter training, we've transitioned into race season, and the anticipation is palpable! There's something invigorating about entering the event period, with a renewed focus solely on the positives rather than dwelling on training shortcomings.

Palma stands as a pinnacle venue on the global stage. Its bay offers a spectrum of conditions, from a pristine 14-knot sea breeze to the challenge of cold, choppy offshore waters.

As a regular stop on the Olympic classes circuit, Palma feels like a second home to us; we practically know every bakery in the area!

Twiggy and I have faced some hurdles recently with injuries and illness, leading to a less-than-ideal training phase. However, we're putting those setbacks behind us, regaining our focus, and gearing up to compete. Knowing we have the most seasoned crew in the fleet provides a comforting sense of assurance, despite the limited training time.

After a week of intense training in Palma to familiarise ourselves with the venue, we've reached peak readiness for the upcoming event. Now, we're taking a well-deserved week of rest before returning for final preparations and the start of racing on the 27th.

From this moment forward, our sole focus is on optimising every aspect of our performance for the Worlds: maintaining peak energy levels, staying injury-free, ensuring our equipment is flawless, and keeping our mindset sharp. This week could truly be life-changing!

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