Bugatti sells £200k 'self-levelling' table to superyacht owners who want to play pool at sea

7 May 2021 - By Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph

Sophisticated computer technology will ensure your accessory remains perfectly level during a choppy voyage

From the moment Ettore Bugatti launched his motor firm in 1909 his cars were famed for their style and sheer quality of their performance.

But not even the Italian-born industrial designer could have anticipated the latest luxury product to be produced by his firm.

Millionaires and oligarchs looking for a way to spend their excess cash can now buy a pool table for - of all places - their giant floating gin palaces and superyachts.

For a mere £217,000 sophisticated computer technology will ensure the table remains perfectly level as their boat ploughs through the waters of the Mediterranean or the Persian Gulf.

Already Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi, is thought to have expressed an interest in buying one of the Bugatti pool tables for his 180m yacht, the £400 million Azzam.

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