Vita and Ryan's 470 Campaign - December update

Cecil Wright & Partners are delighted to sponsor Vita's campaign to make the 2024 Olympic Games.

December 2021

Eat, sleep, sail, repeat!

The month got off to a cold, wet and windy start! A week in Weymouth for a team camp gave us a taste of winter but it was not long before a change of scene… off to Miami! We have had 2 weeks out in Miami training with the US sailing team and top Italian team with some great conditions and long hours on the water with a racing focus. 

We’ve been making the most of this amazing venue; cycling 5 miles to the club in the morning sunshine, sailing for 3-4 hours, pushing each other hard in practice races, fighting all the way around the course; cycle home for a debrief with our coach then some sort of evening activities - exploring the place on bikes, rollerblades or running! We have made so much progress over this period and got the hours in that we wouldn’t have been able to do at home. One more week left of paradise sailing then home for Christmas! Next stop is Vilamoura in the new year, where we will have a bigger fleet there and can test out our racing skills! 

On a side note …
Thanks so much to everyone who came to our lecture at RLYMYC last month; it was so great to have so many people turn up to support us, we were so encouraged by the enthusiasm of everyone! We hoped you enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed presenting at our local club and giving you an insight into our olympic campaign. 

We are so thrilled to be able to say Cecil Wright and Partners will continue to support us going forwards in our campaign to the Olympics. We are so excited to continue working with them and their support is invaluable to us.

Upcoming events… 

• Vilamoura GP, 19-23 February
• Princess Sofia regatta, Palma, Spain, 1-9 April
• Hyeres regatta, France, 21-30 April
• Olympic test event, Marseille, France, 27 July - 5 August

All our events and event websites are linked on our website:

Please please share this with anyone who you think might be interested; they have the chance to help our team go to the Olympic Games! We need the funds now more that ever to get that jump over our competition. Unfortunately, in the sport of sailing there is a direct correlation between money and success.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has been supporting us, you support and encouragement means a lot to us and gives the confidence to keep fighting! Not long now until our Olympic trials!

As always, any contribution to travel, accommodation, entry costs (etc) will be massively appreciated and will go a long way!

 If you want to help us out on our journey to Paris 2024 or want to chat, then please give us a call! Vita – 07586349225 Email –

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