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Epitomising ‘true luxury’, Loro Piana Interiors is the go-to fabric and accessories producer for world-leading shipyards and designers.

Modern luxury is all in the details. Superyacht owners expect the best so when it comes to furnishing their prized vessels, the intricate finishing touches become as important as statement pieces. Quality and comfort can be instantly found – or lost – through fabric choice, which is why, like in fashion, many designers turn to Italian textile manufacturers. Loro Piana Interiors is one such producer. Known for crafting versatile and high-performance materials which are ideal for life at sea, the brand combines fine craftsmanship with innovative research to create fabrics and accessories that exude understated elegance.

Loro Piana Interiors is the “perfect expression of Italian savoir faire,” say famed designers Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, co-founders of Lazzarini Pickering Architects. “Loro Piana Interiors expresses the artisan sense of industry that is an essential and unique part of Italian design and production. [It] combines research, design and quality; revelling in new challenges and inventing technological developments with an extraordinary eye and elegance and attention to quality.”

The designers, like many others in the industry, regularly call on Loro Piana Interiors to create textiles for their superyacht projects, which include 36-metre motor yacht KOJU and 37-metre superyacht MOTOPANFILO, both built by Italian shipyard Benetti.

“Luxury is a now widely abused adjective but we believe the MOTOPANFILO 37M and its design express a new meaning for the word in yachting,” Lazzarini and Pickering add. “She’s the unique expression of two Italian companies that express what true luxury and the Italian ‘way of life’ really mean.”

“Benetti and Loro Piana Interiors share many values, first and foremost a focus on fine craftsmanship and a predilection for timeless elegance. This is in fact the stylistic essence of the Benetti MOTOPANFILO 37M, which embraces our yachting heritage and projects it into the future, making it the perfect fit for the style embodied by Loro Piana Interiors,” adds Giovanna Vitelli, President of the Azimut/Benetti Group, which has also utilised the company’s fabrics on builds such as 67-metre full custom yacht CALEX.

As well as offering its bespoke services, Loro Piana Interiors creates annual fabrics and accessories collections. The 2024 range features customisable pieces for the bedroom, dining room, bathroom and spa which draw on the brand’s signature palette, blended with watercolour hues and enhanced by new iterations of classic Loro Piana Interiors patterns. Several innovative new textiles have also been introduced, including Tweed spun from pure cashmere, cotton velvet, sustainable hemp and weather-resistant Trevira® – ideal for outdoor decks.

“The foundation of our collections is always the textiles,” says Francesco Pergamo, Director of the Loro Piana Interiors division. “For 2024, with a view towards personalisation, we’re focusing on the finest linens and cottons, and of course wherever possible a touch of cashmere, which is the essence of our DNA.”

“Keeping faithful to our ‘spirit of service’, this year we’ve intentionally concentrated on completing the range of high-performance fabrics, which are also really versatile in terms of textures and weights, size, composition and performance, while never failing to offer inimitable sensory experiences that speak volumes about us and our know-how.”

Such fabrics are ideal for yachting as the constant wear and tear of chartering demands optimum quality and durability. But for Loro Piana Interiors, there’s also always a guarantee of style and elegance that resonates with the ‘Made in Italy’ moniker.

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“ The foundation of our collections is always the textiles"

Francesco Pergamo Director, Loro Piana Interiors

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