Influential Women In The Superyacht Industry: Liz Cox Of Cecil Wright & Partners

05 March 2021 - By Bill Springer, Forbes

Liz Cox of Cecil Wright & Partners - CECIL WRIGHT & PARTNERS

Liz Cox started her career in the superyacht industry like many others, she fell in love with the French Riviera and yachting. The rest, as they say, is history. However, her story is a bit different because, instead of sailing away as part of a yacht crew that many associate with the excitement and adventure of the sterotypical “yachting life,” she’s risen to become a partner at the prestigious yacht brokerage firm of Cecil Wright & Partners.

Before becoming a partner at Cecil Wright & Partners she’d held many roles within the yachting industry over the last 20 years. But since she’s been able to break into the C-suite in an industry where most of the leaders are men, I can’t think of a better way celebrate International Women’s Day than sharing a small slice of her story here.

BS: It's no secret that the yachting industry (like many others) has many more men than women in the C-suite. Has that reality impacted you and your career? If so, how?

LC: It has been extremely frustrating at times, both emotionally and financially. Attending meetings and it being assumed that you are there to take minutes rather than represent a client. Or being looked over by a colleague as it is assumed your male counterpart would automatically know more—when he didn’t! Or being told I couldn’t progress any further as I didn’t have a “sea-beard!” On reflection, it has fueled me to work harder and now find myself lucky to be working with Chris and the team at Cecil Wright where we are all equals and specialists in our areas.

BS: What advice would you share with other women who might aspire to lead a company in the superyacht industry (or any industry for that matter)? What lessons have you learned that might help others?

LC: As an industry, I think there is much more awareness now than there was 20 years ago although I would say still more action is needed. If there was one piece of wisdom I could pass on, it would be to never give up, but believe in yourself and keep going.

BS: What's the best thing about your job?

LC: Working as a team – whether to bring a sale to completion, book a superyacht charter or project manage a completely new build. It’s working with people you respect and who respect you.

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