Cecil Wright are today thrilled to announce that the two young sailors we support, Vita Heathcote and Chris (Twiggy) Grube, have been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The duo's impressive performance in the 470 World Championships, where they claimed the silver medal, not only brought glory to themselves but also secured Team GB a coveted spot in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the talent and dedication of both Vita Heathcote and Chris Grube.

Within Cecil Wright grassroots sailing holds a special place, so it was a natural fit for the company to support Vita Heathcote over the past three years, providing her with essential resources including a boat, sails, and unwavering enthusiasm to help her reach the pinnacle of her sport at the 2024 Summer Games.

“Cecil Wright has been a key supporting pillar of our campaign so far and has allowed us a platform to achieve by funding our new race boat. With their steadfast support, we have confidence in our boat speed and are pushing for medals in the mixed fleet! We share the ethos with Cecil Wright of combining passion and determination to achieve great things!" said Vita Heathcote, expressing her gratitude for the support.

Vita Heathcote, who has been sailing since the age of seven, embodies the spirit of dedication and perseverance. Her commitment is evident as she spends everyday training towards this goal. Her previous accomplishments include winning bronze medals in the 2021 470 Open European Championship, and now she has her sights set on Olympic Gold.

“To win you need a combination of focus, determination, excellence, perseverance and for us those are attributes which we also strive for in our business. Excellence and talent aren’t enough, you also need to work with the very best yachts, and that means operating at the pinnacle of technical design, of marine engineering, and just the rigour and focus and attention to detail that's needed to get everything right to successfully win the day.” Ed Carrell, Cecil Wright

The sailing events at the Paris Olympics will take place in Marseille Marina from the 28th of July to the 8th of August, where Vita and Twiggy will undoubtedly be the ones to watch. The team at Cecil Wright will proudly stand by their side as they embark on this thrilling journey, showcasing the excellence and spirit of British sailing on the global stage.

Vita would also like to extend special thanks on this momentous day to Neil McGrigor, Vitality, Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation, Moore Barlow, John Claridge, Ocean Rigging, Derek Clarke and Seasure and many others for their personal donations including Martin Stanley, Alex Haworth, Tom and Barbera McKwan, Brad and Joyce Bradbeer, Duncan Ward, Helen Osmond, David Franks, The Altitude Centre and Veloforte.


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