Herodotus said the Turkish coast has “most beautiful sky and best climate in the world”. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences collide in this land of contradictions, making southern Turkey a mesmerizing cruising area. The deeply-indented coastline has bath-like waters; and Turkey has moved up in the luxury stakes, too. Bodrum has become the Turkish answer to St Tropez; pontoon beach clubs are springing up; the scene at Mackakizi is reminiscent of a Vogue photo shoot. 

The large, beautifully-preserved Roman theatre at Aspendos hosts an opera and ballet festival in summer. The ancient cities of Ephesus, Troy and the 'cotton castle' of Pamukkale continue to wow visitors and the numerouscolourful city bazaars have stood the test of time. For a peaceful anchorage and total privacy head to one of the secluded bays around Marmaris. At Göcek, explore the main square’s line up of bustling bars, open air tavernas and little shops. Turkish hospitality – and food – are renowned; Turkish style Meze platters heaped with delicious tapas-style nibbles… aromatic and sticky slow roasted lamb, seafood and more seafood…

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